Our work Style

We, an energetic company, work together to achieve and prove how hard work gets one a successful career. We are continuously working forward to achieve a lot more in e-commerce and trying every moment to prove our best side to the world.

Want to join us?

How we work?

We maintain a friendly environment and a comfortable work space to make every employee to know his/her undeniable part in the success.

Celebrations! We love 'em!

We always look for a reason to celebrate and hence we never miss out a single festival and special day to get it the festivity it worth.

Let's set our own goal

We always encourage our team to set their own target to achieve, in accordance to our work load & schedules. Hence, we succeed every time!

No rules to rule

We never set rules to rule us, as we want our team to act responsibly on their own. We want our teammates to act confidently with a commitment.


We are pleased to invite any qualified individual who is willing to develop his knowledge in the relevant field while joining hands with our workforce in the development of the organization. Please drop your CVs or contact us support@indianclothstore.com
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